Steaming With Ben and Jessa Greenfield

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“LEIAMOON’s innovative approach to steaming products sets them apart, making it simple for men and women to incorporate this practice into their self-care routine.

This ancient self-care practice can be transformative for women’s health and well-being, and applicable to men too. In a world where society is increasingly waking up to the importance of respecting and prioritizing care for sexual anatomy, the practice of steaming can offer a simple and beautiful way to tune in and care for the most vulnerable and sensitive part of men’s and women’s bodies.

LEIAMOON’s dedication to empowering men and women to care for their most sensitive and vulnerable parts is commendable.”

“I now have a steaming unit of my own at home, and a couple of times a month I’ve been steaming my nether regions while reading a book, praying, meditating, and even DuoLingo language learning practice.

The process is not only calming, but it appears to promote overall pelvic floor function and bowel regularity.”

– Ben Greenfield

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