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The Leiamoon Difference: Unmatched Safety Standards for Vaginal Steam Seats It’s no secret that the LEIAMOON Steam Seat is quickly becoming a favorite among those seeking a safe and effective way to care for their vaginal health. But what really sets our product apart from the rest? The answer lies in the extensive measures we’ve… Read more »

VAGINAL STEAMING: Essential Self-Care Ritual for Your Most Sensitive Parts

VAGINAL STEAMING: Essential self-care ritual for your most sensitive parts We are living in an era when the world is waking up to the innate power of women and learning how to better respect the female body, mind, and spirit. This awakening involves devoting a higher level of care and attention to the female anatomy,… Read more »

LEIAMOON 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

LEIAMOON 2019 Holiday Gift Guide Here are some great gifts that we L O V E: HEMLEVA– forallthingsbotanical EVERYDAYMAGIC! DUH…LEIAMOONSTEAMSEAT Randy’sReproductiveSystemSweater Idlewild Co. CALENDAR/PLANNER 2020! LEIAMOON VSTEAM HERBS! And last, but not least… shed and transmute dark energy with black onyx from GalacticKonsciousness. Get it outta there! Make way for 2020! Let us know how… Read more »

How to Use Leiamoon at Home Video

How to Use Leiamoon at Home [00:00:00] Hi everyone, Jessica here! I’m the designer the LEIAMOON Steam Seat and I wanted to take a minute to show you some of its awesome features and how I personally use them. I’m in the throes of my own postpartum healing right now, and I can’t express how… Read more »