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The Power of Cycle Consciousness

The Power of Cycle Consciousness “Cycle Syncing is body literacy, it’s shameless reclamation of autonomy, and it’s an act of rebellion against a patriarchal world.” I recently met up with holistic health coach, Madison Purcell, to swap stories on how we found our work in the world… which naturally was related to when we tuned-in… Read more »

Background Information on Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal steaming has been practiced by women in various cultures all over the world, likely for thousands of years. Despite its history of therapeutic uses, vaginal steaming has only recently increased in popularity among women of many ages. A large reason behind the sudden revival of this treatment begins with the lack of documentation or… Read more »

Vlog: The three big reasons NOT to vaginal steam (part 3)

Vlog: The three big reasons NOT to vaginal steam (part 3) Click here to watch/comment/subscribe on Youtube or click play button above! Hi! Jessica from Leiamoon here. We are on a mission to Empower the Womb and make vaginal steaming easily accessible to women AT HOME. This is the final video in my first vlog… Read more »

What is the WOMB?

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I walked past this W.O.M.B. graffiti on my way into the office today. It was appropriately tagged on the open door of a sidewalk hatch leading down to the underbelly of a Brooklyn building. We mention the word “WOMB” a lot , but I’ve been thinking more and more about how mysterious this term can… Read more »