How To Make a Solar Eclipse Womb Flower Essence

In anticipation of the 4/8/24 total solar eclipse, I’ve been brainstorming on creative ways to preserve its magic. It will take another 20 years for a total solar eclipse to cross through North America again, so my plan to harness the energy of this rare phenomena is to make an eclipse infused flower essence. I made one during the eclipse back in 2017 that I still LOVE working with today, as it was a major year of transformation for me personally. Flower essences pair great with meditative v-steam sessions as well!

So if you’re interested in joining me in making some gentle vibrational medicine on Monday, here is my how-to guide:

Step 1: Preparation and Intention

A. The Moment – make your way outside on the morning of 4/8, the day of the eclipse. Ideally this will be a sunny morning, when the energy of early spring flowers is most potent.
B. Set Your Intention – gently close your eyes and place one hand over your heart, and the other over your womb. Take a few long, slow breaths and ask your womb what healing or energetic properties is it seeking? This could be for emotional balance, clarity, peace.
C. Select the Flower – take a walk about to find a vibrant flower in bloom that resonates with the intention you’ve set.

Step 2: Gathering and Creating the Essence

A. Prepare Your Materials – you will need a clear glass bowl, distilled/spring water, and brandy or apple cider vinegar for preservation.
B. Harvest Honorably – approach the plant with reverence, sharing with it your love and intention, asking for its permission to use for your essence. Some herbalists believe in hovering their hands over the flower to sense its willingness to contribute its essence.
C. Transfer the Flower – when you sense its excitement to commune with you, gently pick the flower at its base, where it connects with the stem. Use a leaf or a stem to place the flower on the surface of the water in the bowl. The idea is to capture the essence, not the physical properties, so the flower should not be submerged.
D. Infusion – leave the bowl with the flower under direct sunlight for several hours to absorb the flower’s energetic imprint.
E. Eclipse Meditation – during the eclipse window, sit with the bowl and meditate with your intention, your womb, and your wishes for the world.
*As the moon blocks the light of the sun, and as the sun re-emerges, consider what pieces of consciousness (both personal and collective), that had been left in the shadows, are now shimmering in the light. Ask your womb what she is feeling.

Step 3: Preserving the Essence

A. Collect the Essence – gently remove the flowers from the water, trying not to touch the water directly. You can use a twig or the stem of the flower(s) to lift them out.
B. Preserve the Essence – an equal part of brandy or apple cider vinegar to the eclipse-womb-meditation-intention-flower-infused water. This mixture is your “mother essence,” which will be preserved for future use.
C. Bottle the Mother Essence – transfer the mother essence into a dark glass bottle with a dropper. Label it with the date (solar eclipse), the flower used, and the location it was made.

Step 4: Dilution for Use

A. Dilute the Essence – To use, dilute a few drops of the mother essence in a small bottle filled with spring water, adding brandy or vinegar as a preservative. This diluted form is what you will use on a daily basis, or whenever you feel called.
B. Usage – Take a few drops under the tongue, or add them to water to drink throughout the day. Reflect on your intention, what’s in focus for you during this eclipse season, and the healing qualities of the flower as you take this essence. It’s also great to connect with this vibration while you v-steam this month… or even far out in the future when you want to tune in to the learnings of this time in your life.

Step 5: reflection and Gratitude

A. Reflect on the Process – Spend some time reflecting on the experience of making the essence on the solar eclipse and the lessons the plant may have offered you.
B. Give Thanks – Close the process by offering gratitude to the plant, the sun, the moon, the womb, your intuition, your guides, and the water for their gifts.
Remember, the process of making a flower essence is as much about the energetic and spiritual connection with the plant and with the day as it is about the physical steps described above. Each essence is unique, reflecting the specific conditions, intentions, and energies present at the time of its creation.
My hope is that you will cherish this activity and gift yourself this experience. Having it preserved in water to meditate with well into the future can be so meaningful, especially considering these hyper-charged times we’re in. Sending solar eclipse blessings your way!

Leiamoon is committed to being part of this nurturing network. If you have questions about this activity or simply want to connect, feel free to reach out to us at for anything and everything womb steam and plant related! We’re here to support you on your path to holistic feminine wellness.


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