How to Use Leiamoon at Home

[00:00:00] Hi everyone, Jessica here! I’m the designer the LEIAMOON Steam Seat and I wanted to take a minute to show you some of its awesome features and how I personally use them. I’m in the throes of my own postpartum healing right now, and I can’t express how great it’s been to have this seat here at home with me. The first thing I want to show you is how all the components of the seat are completely removable. We have the cozy seat cushion here, the steam chamber, the stainless steel herb infusion cup, and the base.

[00:00:26] It’s just so nice to be able to take this right out! Before, I was boiling a gigantic pot of water on the stovetop, dumping in heaps of herbs, and lugging it from my kitchen to my bathroom. It was, like, a twenty-five minute process just to get it set up. But now I leave my seat right where I need to steam, and just take out this cup to fill it. It only takes one cup of water, and then I just nest it in the base and it’s ready to go. Next, I would just add a pinch of herbs.

[00:00:53] This is our LEIAMOON vaginal steam blend. It’s organic, grown biodynamically, and comes from only the best small-scale farms right here in the US. We really believe the quality of herbs reflects the quality of your steaming experience. Each one of these tins contains enough contents for six steam sessions and comes prepackaged with the seats. Look how awesome these are–there’s like a full on rose petal head here. So just a pinch of the herbs, then program the seat to your desired temperature settings, and in under five minutes you’re ready to steam.

[00:01:24] Cleaning is also SUPER EASY. The only piece I really need to clean between steam sessions is the seat cushion, and you can just use a non-toxic household cleaner for that. Same goes for the chamber. And for the stainless steel cup is dishwasher safe! And when you’re done with your steam it’s really easy to find your favorite place to dispose of the herbs.

[00:01:45] We’ve upgraded the cozy seat cushion to the same specialty material used for infant products so it’s held to a super high safety standard. Not only is it really comfortable and flexible, but it’s also gentle on your skin; and the saddle seat shape has these contours in the front and the back that really help to cradle your pelvis while you’re sitting. It just feels so supportive.

[00:02:08] We’ve gotten a lot of questions about the weight limit. The seat is designed to take a whole spectrum of different body shapes and sizes. It’s rated to hold up to 300 pounds during use and we’ve gotten some awesome reviews from our curvier beta testers. The diameter of the hole here is five and a half inches. This ensures that your entire underbody, including your vulva, perineum and all your sensitive tissues, receive optimal steam exposure while still maintaining the necessary comfort and stability of the cushion.

[00:02:37] At spas in New York City, I’ve seen pricing ranging from $75 all the way up to $125 for a single half hour steam session. I love a good spa day, don’t get me wrong! But I do want to point out the cost efficiency of having a seat like this. Once you have it, you can steam as often as you want and it comes with the tin of herbs good for six sessions right off the bat. THE COST SAVINGS ARE REAL! That’s been really important to me and I’m sure it is for you too.

[00:03:04] If you’ve already ordered a seat, thank you so much. And if you haven’t yet, just click the link in the post to get an awesome discount! If you have any questions at all please feel free to message us at any time or comment below in this video post. Thank you!