LEIAMOON Signature V-Steam Blend

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FREE guided audio v-steam meditation included with your Signature herbs blend purchase!

A vibrant mixture of gentle, organic, delicately dried herbs. Infuse your yoni steam with this colorful, premium herb blend that will leave you feeling grounded, refreshed, and exceptionally relaxed. Ingredients: organic mugwort, organic yarrow, organic calendula, organic rose petals. Contents for six (6) steams using LEIAMOON steam seat or three (3) yoni steams using traditional steam methods. Ships FREE anywhere in the US!

  • – Illustrated instructions included
  • – Hand-crafted and blended in small batches
  • – Mood-elevating
  • – Creates a calming sensation
  • – Get in touch with your womb space
  • – Relax and rejuvenate
  • – Cleanse excess/leftover matter
  • – We source only the absolute highest quality, organic herbs
  • – Our special blend of herbs is suitable for steaming for any occasion

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Relax and Rejuvenate

Vaginal steaming is the calming, rejuvenating self-care practice of sitting over steaming water infused with dried herbs. It supports feminine vitality and fosters a more aware relationship between a woman and her womb space. Women around the world have passed down this tradition for generations, reporting its positive effects on the body, mind, and spirit.

Leiamoon signature blend is Made in USA and helps cleanse your womb spaceCrafted by Expert Herbalists

Our herbs are sourced from small-scale USA farms that grow and harvest herbs ethically and sustainably. We strive to give you the freshest and the highest quality herbs for the most deluxe care you deserve.

Leiamoon signature blend is made from premium herbs and vibrant flowers: mugwort, calendula, yarrow and roseGuided Audio Meditation Included

Get FREE access to an exclusive guided audio v-steam meditation with your herbs blend purchase.

FREE access to an exclusive guided audio v-steam meditationHow to Steam With Traditional Methods

Don’t have a LEIAMOON Steam Seat yet? No problem! Check out the guide below on how to vaginal steam with these herbs using traditional methods:Directions of use of Leiamoon original steam herbs blend

Up to 6 steams, eases anxiety, clears out excess matterGive the Gift of Self Care

Spread the love and share the wisdom of these plants by gifting a tin of our beautiful herbal blend! Thoughtfully made with gorgeous packaging, the Leiamoon herb blends make the perfect gift for all of the women in your life!

Perfect gift for women: finest herbal blend


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22 reviews for LEIAMOON Signature V-Steam Blend

  1. alanna

    Beautiful, fragrant fresh and uplifting, what a delicious experience steaming with this blend!

  2. Nancy

    I’ve been using these herbs to steam before and after my cycle for the past six months–and wow, what a difference! The smell and quality of this blend is next level. When I steam, sometimes I cry, sometimes I jest relax. Either way I always FEEL all THE FEELS and I end up feeling GREAT. Thank you, LEIAMOON!

  3. Naomi Rasmussen

    Both the blend and packaging are beautiful. I’d definitely recommend to any steamers out there and plan to buy it again myself!

  4. Jennifer G.

    Love love love how this company is bringing a fully conscious approach to v-steaming and knowing that I can trust the quality of the herbs. I was also previously using a lot more herbs at once to steam, but following their directions I did get 3 full steams out of this one package and it worked just fine.

  5. Justina

    Leiamoon, where have you been my whole adult menstruating life lol. These herbs are the BEES KNEES! THANK YOU!

  6. Rashmi

    This was great! Totally met our expectations and the packaging is so lovely. There is something uniqely intoxicating about this blend and I can’t put my finger on it — it just all comes together very nicely!!

  7. Maria Hajduk

    I just did my first vag steam ever, Ive been hearing about how good they are for years and I finally got the herbs and dedicated this ritual to myself. It was a delightful, soft and loving experience, I loved the scent of the herbs and how soothing it all felt. The herbs come in a lovely tin that now sits in the bathroom as a reminder to myself to do it again. The presentation and explanation that came with it was clear and practical.

  8. Alanna

    What a treat to receive these beautiful herbs for my steaming ritual! Not only was the presentation lovely, but the herbs themselves are fresh, vibrant and alive. It is clear to see that quality is a huge priority in their sourcing – and I could really tell! Super fragrant and nourishing, working with them was a real pleasure. Treat your yoni to some serious love with these sweet herb blends <3

  9. Patricia

    I love the smell of these herbs… unbelievable quality! It’s nice to find something like this when there are a lot of other varieties floating around that you don’t even know where they came from

  10. Ally

    This is a truly high-quality blend that really enhanced my steaming experience. I’ve tried a few others but this one was definitely the best. All of the packaging and illustrated instructions were so thoughtful too!

  11. Abby P

    LEIAMOON herbs have been life-changing and completely revolutionized what is means to be a menstruating woman! I didn’t think it was possible to have a period without cramps, but it is, and in large part I have this herb blend to thank! LEIAMOON inspired and educated me about steaming. Steaming with LEIAMOON herbs have become a monthly ritual that I very much look forward to.

  12. Ally

    This is a truly high-quality blend that really enhanced my steaming experience. I’ve tried a few others but this one was definitely the best. All of the packaging and illustrated instructions were so thoughtful too!

  13. Casey C.

    Loved the whole process! The packaging and herbs are really beautiful, and they smell lovely. I was new to steaming and found the enclosed directions very useful and easy to follow. I really enjoyed the experience of steaming – it was a different form of self-care for me and I found it really relaxing. I’m going to try and incorporate this into my routine a few times a month, and will definitely order these herbs again. Thanks!

  14. Victoria

    Absolutely amazing herb blend. They look, feel, and smell incredible. You can also really tell from the instructions and presentation that a lot of thought was put into this product. Great job, Leiamoon!

  15. Jani Moon

    This product is pure magic! It is the perfect blend to help you release & relax. Totally made with LOVE!

  16. Kristy Zadrozny

    As an herbalist, it’s important for me to only use thoughtful, sustainable herbal products. The folks at Leiamoon are the real deal. I’m so happy to have found their product

  17. Reni Bickel

    Leiamoon’s herbal mix for steaming is thoughtful and refreshing. The herbs come from a sustainable source, the look and smell of the mixture proves the top quality. It made my steaming experience special and relaxed, I trust this product a 100%. Looove the rose petals in it, so luxurious

  18. Beth

    Love knowing my yoni steam herbs come from a high-quality, clean, organic herb farm. heart_eyes And the herbs, packaging and design make it so much nicer… Leiamoon’s products would make a great gift for any woman!

  19. Virginia

    Ah! I love this product! I’d been wanting to try v-steaming for awhile, but something as simple as getting all the right herbs together apparently was enough to keep me from doing it. When this arrived in the mail, it removed that obstacle and is perfectly packaged with the best herbs for my body from a source I trust. Then I read the instructions and got nervous because it said not to use it if you have an IUD. I have a copper IUD, but I read other places where people said they didn’t have issues v-steaming with an IUD, so I went for it. So far, no problems! And I love the experience of v-steaming! I love it so much more than I realized. I feel more connected to myself…. Very empowering, and the herbs and flowers are BEAUTIFUL. After steaming for 20 mins, the steam was still rising from the water, so I used it to steam my face. Multi-functional!

  20. Carly

    I have been so inspired by following @Leiamoon and learning about how to develop my own steaming practice. The packaging is beautiful and you can tell how much went into curating and sourcing the right herbs. Thank you!! xoxox

  21. Leia Friedman

    I love this product. The creators have a lot of integrity. I’m so thankful to have been introduced to vaginal steaming!

  22. Amy

    Love this special blend! You can really see the high quality in the vibrant colors. It’s a perfect combination for vaginal steaming.

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