Experience V-Steaming with LEIAMOON

The LEIAMOON Steam Seat is the safest, most technologically advanced, functional, and reliable vaginal steam seat on the planet! Here’s why:

TRUE and ACCURATE Temperature Control

When it comes to vaginal steaming, one of the biggest concerns is not being able to control the temperature of the steam; and even the potential risk of burning. With traditional methods, or at a spa, or using a home-fashioned or rudimentary electronic seat, it can be really difficult to get a consistent, safe steam temperature. Often times it’s just TOO HOT– but other times it’s not hot enough… Or if you get it just right, it doesn’t stay that way for very long.

LEIAMOON’s patented SteamSafe® technology is the first ever system to solve this problem. It allows you to program and manage the exact temperature of your steam, and keep it there in real time.

The Benefits of LEIAMOON’s SteamSafe® Technology:

Ultra High-Quality Materials and Thoughtful Design

LEIAMOON is made of premium materials that put safety and quality first. Our team of engineers, designers, and material specialists have all helped to ensure every component of the LEIAMOON steam seat is of the highest quality and suited to deliver a superb steaming experience.

From top to bottom, all of the materials we use are exceptional. To learn more about the safety and quality of our materials, and our certifications, check out this article.

Take a Look:

Ergonomic, Cozy Seat Cushion

The innovative saddle-seat design comfortably cradles pelvises of all shapes and sizes.

The oversized 5.5” diameter opening allows for maximum underbody/perineal exposure to steam. This ensures the steam effectively reaches your vulva and the surrounding sensitive tissue areas, while still providing comfort and support.

The cushion is made of a specialty blend of soft, supportive, and non-toxic material that is:

  • Skin-safe
  • Closed cell (won’t harbor bacteria and is easy to clean)
  • BPA/BPS/PTHALATE Free, 3rd Party Tested and Certified
  • Latex free
  • Compliant with the most rigorous consumer safety standards including both the US CPSIA (Consumer Product and Safety Standard Improvement Act) and European REACH safety standards
  • Heavy metal and formamide-free

Stainless Steel Herb Infusion Cup

The yoni herbs and water for your steam are held in an efficient and removable stainless steel infusion cup. This means no more lugging around a giant pot or bowl of water with heaps of herbs for your steam.

Just take the cup out to fill it with water, add about 4 tablespoons of herbs, and that’s it. When you turn your LEIAMOON steam seat on, the steam will rise from the herb infusion cup to directly meet your vulva.

Translucent Steam Chamber

The patented steam chamber design is made of a durable, specialty ABS plastic specifically tested for the application of vaginal steaming. It is:

  • BPA, BPS, and Pthalate-free
  • Designed and tested to safely withstand the moisture and heat from the steam
  • Lightweight, stable, and long-lasting
  • Removable and easy to clean
  • Carries up to 300 lbs during use.

Custom-Designed, Dual Combination Near Infrared/Red-Light LEDs

LEIAMOON is the first vaginal steam seat ever to include proper near infrared/red-light LED technology. Each combination LED light features both a 660nm red light and 850nm near infrared light. Out of the red and infrared spectrum, these two specific wavelengths of light have been proven, in hundreds of studies over the past 30+ years, to be the most beneficial. In fact, there is a huge market for saunas and other types of personal red/light NIR devices exploding right now as more and more people are discovering the value of this technology. We did our research and created a version of this specialty combination LED specifically suited for the LEIAMOON steam seat. Features and benefits include:

  • Turn on the optional the NIR/red light LEDs at any time during your steam session
  • Provide a gentle, alternative method of delivering heat to your vulva if you are sensitive to steam
  • Tested for optimal irradiance levels: Many infrared/red light products are simply marketing gimmicks, NOT tested or designed to actually be effective for their intended purposes. We have custom selected and tested the irradiance, distance, and exact power of our lights and lenses to make sure they are both SAFE and EFFECTIVE.

Organic, Hand-Harvested, and Solar Dried Herbal Steam Blends

Every LEIAMOON steam seat comes pre-packaged with our signature premium all-purpose vaginal steam herb blend.

  • All herbs are organic and come from only the highest quality, highest integrity, select herb producers based in the USA.
  • Our herbs are hand-harvested, hand mixed, and hand-packed with love in small batches.
  • Each herb tin that’s included with the seat contains contents for up to SIX steams.

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Custom Facial Steam Attachment

Each LEIAMOON steam seat comes with a free facial steam attachment. Just remove the steam chamber seat top, insert the facial steam attachment, and the device automatically transforms into “FACE” mode on the LCD screen. Our signature premium herb blend also works great for facial steaming, but stay tuned for custom facial steam blends coming your way soon!

An Incredible Value

Purchase once, use for a lifetime! The value that LEIAMOON gives you is unparalleled. From the first ever true steam temperature control system to the premium materials and hyper-efficient design, LEIAMOON is an impactful investment in your own well being. Visit our shop now to purchase this revolutionary wellness tool HERE. Seats are now in-stock and ready for immediate shipping.


Warranty Included

We stand behind the premium quality, craftsmanship, and technology in our products, and include a one year warranty with the LEIAMOON steam seat. The seat has been designed and tested for long-term use and built to last for many years to come. However, if within one year from the date of purchase, this product fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, LEIAMOON will repair or replace the product, or necessary components, free of charge.