The Power of Cycle Consciousness

“Cycle Syncing is body literacy, it’s shameless reclamation of autonomy, and it’s an act of rebellion against a patriarchal world.”

I recently met up with holistic health coach, Madison Purcell, to swap stories on how we found our work in the world… which naturally was related to when we tuned-in to listening to our womb. Read on to learn more about Alchemizing Madison , author of the Cyclical Living Guide.

What inspired you to create “Alchemizing Madison”?

I first started my business in 2021 with the intention of sharing information on the foundations of nutrition, exercise, and general wellbeing. I did this for about a year, and honestly did not love it. I felt like a failure, because I wasn’t passionate about what I was doing.

But, I didn’t quit. I pivoted.

I had to let go of many beliefs I held about what a business has to look like. I worked with mentors, feminine embodiment coaches, and other like-minded, passionate women. It started becoming very clear to me that I was not meant to just share health facts and nutrition info. I was meant to get raw and real with what a holistic healing journey actually looks and feels like.

I wanted my business to be an expression of me and my beautiful, painful, humbling, human, euphoric, grounding experience on this earth. I am constantly in the process of growing, evolving, alchemizing who I am and who I will become. I was writing potential new business names in my journal and within minutes ‘alchemizing madison’ was written on the page.

What is a holistic health coach?

A holistic health coach is a person who fully embraces the human experience. They have knowledge and embodied experience of the physical body, but also the mind, the soul, and how to weave them all together. We tend to attract clients who sense that there is more to living full, vibrant lives than just what you eat and how you move. All parts of self are asking to be seen and validated. I have yet to have a coaching session where all we discuss is the physical body.

Another aspect of holistic health coaching is not diverting to quick fixes or band aid “solutions.” We are here to help our clients heal, not just get by or mask symptoms. Many of my clients seek me out after a diagnosis from a practitioner who was not able to elaborate or provide next steps for them. This is the sad, current reality of Western healthcare.

It seems you are more specifically focused on women’s health, especially as it relates to our menstrual cycle. Can you tell us what cycle syncing is, from your perspective?

I believe living by your monthly cycle is a powerful framework for overall health and wellness. So many girls and women are taught from a very young age to fear, resent, or avoid their cyclical bodies. This was my experience until learning in depth about the different phases of the menstrual cycle. Cycle Syncing is body literacy, it’s shameless reclamation of autonomy, and it’s an act of rebellion against a patriarchal world. We have a portal of life between our legs and magic in our blood. I want to be a part of the revolution against period shame and stigma, and I believe living cyclically is the first step. 

What is your personal practice of living cyclically, and how does this inform your work?

My personal practice of living cyclically begins with mindfulness. Slow, intentional presence is vital to a mindful life. I am constantly checking in with myself. What does my body need in this moment? What do I need on a soul level?

Charts, graphs, and lists can only guide you so far in a cyclical living journey. You must not forget or ignore your humanness. I had to let go of the pursuit of perfection, as it was taking me farther away from cyclical living than ever.

I was striving for an idea of cyclical living – to look like cycle syncing on paper, if you will. I had a feeling others were faced with this as well. I gently remind my clients, followers, and friends to take what serves you and leave the rest.

What shifts have you noticed in your own wellness or “magic making” from living with a greater awareness of your cycle?

As my awareness of my cycle deepened, my “need” to do it all, all the time, lessened. We are nature, and nature goes through seasons of shedding, death, rebirth, and vitality. Embracing my inner seasons has allowed me to feel more satisfied and whole. I believe it is through my own magic, my own light, that other souls find me. The people that choose to work with me, or simply choose to be in my world tend to be looking for something specific – and I think that something is permission to be themselves – their whole selves.



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