Vlog: The three big reasons NOT to vaginal steam (part 1)

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Hi everyone, Jessica here from Leiamoon. We are on a mission to Empower the Womb and make vaginal steaming easily accessible to women AT HOME.

This is my first vlog! 

And I think and hope it will be a really important one. I’ve been putting this off for a while, but after having worked on this project for 3 years, compiling an academically researched FAQ, interviewing tons of women’s wellness experts, creating and selling our premium herb blends to many amazing customers, running some very extensive social media campaigns, and raising over $35,000 in preorders for our home electronic steam seat …. We’ve run into a few of the same objections to the practice of vaginal steaming over and over again. So I thought I’d take a quick minute to address the three biggest ones, right here, in a video! Can you guess what they are? 

Drumroll please…..


#3. The vagina is self-cleaning. So why would I need to steam it?


Of course it is! We’re not here to argue that it’s not… but that doesn’t mean that you can’t give it the gentle, nourishing, TLC that a nice herbal steam provides—if you haven’t experienced a vaginal steam yet: it feels really good when you do it right. So that in and of itself is great.

A lot of critics argue that vaginal steaming somehow implies that vaginas are naturally dirty. We don’t believe that at all… In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Vaginas are beautiful and amazing—the most sacred, sensitive, and life-giving parts of our bodies—and they DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE IT. And that’s what vaginal steaming is all about. LOVING your vagina—not shaming it or saying anything is wrong with it. Vaginal steaming is an act of self-love, self-care, and REVERENCE for the vagina. It’s gentle and aromatic and heart-opening and it feels AMAZING. So get it straight, critics: It’s about vaginal LOVE, not shame or self-loathing. 


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Now, THAT BEING SAID… aside from [say these quickly] feeling generally awesome, improving your relationship to your vagina, experiencing incredible emotional releases, and becoming more attuned to your cycle… the single-most common report from women who steam, and this comes from thousands of case studies logged by vaginal steam practitioners—is that additional old or excess matter from the uterine lining comes out during the next period. Sometimes you have stuff leftover on the walls of your uterus—it’s normal!—and after steaming, that stuff tends to come out. So yeah, THAT’S A THING.


But does it mean the vagina is naturally dirty or incapable of self-cleaning? NO. Not at all. By really simple analogy: The pores on your face are self cleaning too. But is anyone up in arms about the millions of products that help to clean your face? Of course not. 

Another line of this “self-cleaning” argument is that vaginal steaming is like douching, which most doctors recommend against. Well, no it’s not! Steaming is gentle and non-invasive, and completely different than squirting a bag of chemical water directly up and into your canal.  In fact, it’s really LESS invasive that even scrubbing your vagina with soap and water—or even a sitz bath, where you actually soak your whole underbody in warm water—which, unlike douching, is a universally recommended practice. We’re talking GENTLE, COMFORTING, AROMATIC, STEAM… and like said before, when you do it right, it feels really good. And if it doesn’t, you’re not doing it right… which leads us to big objection #2 in my next video—just click the link below to see it. And make sure to subscribe for all of the latest vaginal steaming related content from Leiamoon!


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