Vlog: The three big reasons NOT to vaginal steam (part 2)


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Hi it’s Jessica from Leiamoon here. We are on a mission to Empower the Womb and make vaginal steaming easily accessible to women AT HOME. This is my first vlog series and it’s all about addressing the three big reasons why people say you SHOULD NOT vaginal steam. If you didn’t see reason #3 yet, that’s in part 1 and you can click below to see it.

AND without further ado…. The second biggest reason why people are up in arms about vaginal steaming is….

#2. STEAM is hot and you can burn yourself!

Ok… let’s address it. Is steam hot? YES, of course it is. And YES, dealing with hot steam, in any capacity, inherently involves a risk of burning. But so does lighting a match… so does cooking or just boiling water on your stove… so does touching a metal object that’s been out in the sun… so does turning your shower too high… or going into a steam room that’s too hot. Does this mean you shouldn’t ever use fire? Or cook? Or touch metal objects? Or take a hot bath or shower?

Of course not. If you’re a fully functioning adult, you are absolutely capable of figuring out if the temperature of your vaginal steam is TOO HOT for you. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise! It’s YOUR body! And here’s a pro tip: If you’re getting your steam ready… a REALLY easy way to gauge the temperature is to just wave your hand over the top of your pot. If it’s too hot, LET IT COOL DOWN UNTIL IT’S NOT. It’s really that easy. ☺

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NOW… THAT BEING SAID—one of the biggest issues women tend to have when vaginal steaming—whether at home with a pot or even at a spa—is not being able to control the temperature. Sometimes it really is too hot… or sometimes it’s not hot enough, OR it doesn’t stay hot LONG enough. This doesn’t mean vaginal steaming is life-threatening, or even dangerous… but we figured it DOES mean that having some temperature control would be a nice thing.

So that‘s exactly why, with LEIAMOON, we built a true temperature control system into our steam seat–so you can program in the exact temperature you want and keep it there. It’s safe, easy, heats up fast, and gives you total control over how hot the steam gets.

In summary: Yes steam is hot, and yes you can burn yourself if you’re not careful. So be careful. And if you’re looking for extra control over your steam temperature—using a LEIAMOON seat might be a good option for you.

So that was the #2 reason “not” to vaginal steam… I’ll be talking about the #1 reason in part three of this series, so just click the link below to check it out. It’s way more interesting than just a fear of hot things! And don’t forget to subscribe for more great v-steamy content!